The Tourist Boon to Boone, North Carolina

January 13, 2016
Boone, North Carolina, is not far from where Nilesh Tailor lives and works. He can drive there and enjoy the day and then still have time to drive home to sleep in his own bed, though it might make a long day. He is an IT professional who is always pleased to be able to explore North Carolina and Boone is a favorite city of his within the state.

Boone is a relatively small town, with a population just over 17,000 people, and is said to have been a camping place for the famous Daniel Boone, pioneer and frontiersman. Daniel Boone's life animates this small town, with a dramatization of the life of Boone in an outdoor amphitheater occurring every year since 1952. It attracts tourists from around the United States, not just because of its shared history with the famous pioneer, but also because of its outdoor adventures and small town appeal.